About Us - Carefree Assisted Living at CedarView Assisted Living

CedarView Assisted Living is one of the finest assisted living residence in Hays and is locally owned by citizens of Ellis County. Hays is a hometown with a unique heritage that inspires a slower pace of living. Its healthy economy provides a stable and secure community.

The people who make their home at CedarView enjoy a facility based on a commitment to individuality and integrity, both hallmarks of this region's pioneering spirit. Those who reside in its 41 units will find it large enough to provide a diversity from which to choose their friends and small enough to avoid regimentation and loss of individuality. The privacy of residents is rigorously maintained while careful attention is paid to their well being and security. Dignity and independence are the watchwords for those who provide vigilant and highly professional care around the clock. Each unit is equipped with a lock on the door, as well as two-way communication with the staff.

Residents are encouraged to furnish and decorate their apartment in a very personal and meaningful way. All residents are professionally assisted in ways designed to make their lives at CedarView as full, independent, pleasant and carefree as they can be. CedarView is designed to give its residents what they need most to reflect their changing lifestyles and their individual capabilities for independent living.

CedarView reflects the values enjoyed in the family home, its mission is to serve as a thoroughly practical residence for those who need assistance in order to live independently in a safe and secure setting. Its goal is to help residents reduce the burden of household responsibility and personal care to sensible limits, while maintaining their independence and individuality. To this end CedarView has focused on the latest techniques and design strategies available to maximize the quality and the amenities available for accommodations for both individuals and couples. CedarView presents a sound value in its rates and charges.

CedarView emphasizes a clean, orderly, pleasant and secure environment for its residents. All staff members are carefully chosen, investigated and trained. Residents are treated courteously and with respect. The preservation of the individuality of all residents is an important priority and is given continuous management attention.
CedarView Assisted Living conducts its responsibilities with residents and the families of residents with honesty and integrity in all matters. That's an important commitment that you can count on.